OsteoTrace Bone Food

Buy OsteoTrace NowOsteoTrace was developed by a naturopathic doctor to treat (successfully) his own arthritis. It contains boron plus fifteen other nutrients essential to healthy bones and joints. OsteoTrace is also good for the body as a whole:
a powerful and cost-effective daily multi-vitamin.
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The naturopath developed OsteoTrace following his discovery of a conclusive link between (i) low levels of boron in the soil and water of a region and (ii) raised levels of osteo/rheumatoid arthritis in the populations living in that region read more

Many people now use OsteoTrace in arthritis and osteoporosis care, including McTimoney Chiropractor Marianne Woollhead, who recommends it to both her patients and fellow therapists. To read Marianne’s assessment of OsteoTrace click here

The price of a pot of 90 OsteoTrace tablets is £12.99 plus the postage the UK Post Office charges us to deliver your goods to you.
If you order twelve pots of OsteoTrace at the same time we reduce the pot price to £11.99 – saving you £12.00!

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